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Christians worship three gods

Most people don't seem to notice that Christianity is not monotheistic. Christianity, really, worships three gods — "The Father," "The Son," and "The Holy Ghost."

The Father is God proper. The Son is Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost, (or "Holy Spirit,") is a component less-quantified.

Naturally, Christians often condescend when "others" cannot understand a three-is-one theology. Be patient — they're not from around here.

Theology is the benevolent word for it — the educated word. Considered from outside religous tradition, the Triune God — the Trinity — is more like superstition. It is, more to the point, mythology.

This is not to denigrate a belief in God. The perception or conception of higher consciousness and spiritual power is a principal characteristic of humanity — and may be our proudest distinction.

But nature gives us nothing to suggest that there are three gods. And the Trinity is a group of three gods. You can try to explain it some other way, but they are three entities. Sure, they're one. We're all one.

Maybe Christianity is an evolutionary phase on the progress toward the idea of one God — an idea that others have developed already.