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Moving on

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, December 2004 —
I'm going offline for a while; but that doesn't mean I'm not still going to write pages. I've done it before — sometimes quite productively.

Of course, an internet connection at home is primarily good for two things: high-capacity work, and wasting loads of time. I'm sure I need not explain.

But I have had a chance to do some nuts-and-bolts work on the website, here in my Nijmegen room. I mostly accept the condition of the website as it is. That's a compromise, and a chosen perspective. It's time to move on.

Physically, I'm going to Kilkenny.

As for this work, I'd like to think that it's functional enough that I can spend my energy doing some fresh writing. For now, I'm spending my energy on the geographical transition. I'm still here, though. Still aware of these pages.