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Murciélagos over the riverside patio

One evening in the Spring of 2001, between halves of a split shift at el restaurante Mex Rock, I was sitting with coworkers Juana and Eugenia at a table on the terrace between Calle Betis and Rio Guadalquivir, across that river from central Seville.

There were a few bats flitting above the river. Eugenia and I were watching them.

"¿Como se llama este animale?" I asked, or something similar (It's hard to remember things I said in a language I don't speak well. I asked, effectively enough, what you call a bat in Spanish.)

"Murciélago," said Eugenia.

Juana asked "¿Como se dice Murciélago en inglés?

"Bat," I said.

"Ah, si," said Juana: "como Batman."