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NASCAR and fine olive oil

I was in North Hollywood in the spring of 2007 and took the metro over to Hollywood — a different place — just to look around. While there, I talked with a woman who worked in a premium-quality olive-oil shop near to the Farmer's Market by the CBS studio.

I don't think they had anything for less than 30 dollars per quart. I do remember that the recommended product all cost more than 50.

I couldn't imagine paying that much, I said to the lady there. She said she would — and that she did, normally.

She didn't seem the type to make pretense. That was the funny part. She talked about her love of NASCAR and American football.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is a sport that is interesting primarily to white, working-class, conservative middle-American suburban and rural males — at least according to the stereotype. And the NFL is the NFL. A lot of people love it; mostly men — and very few ladies who work in a gourmet olive-oil shop in Hollywood.

She had an amulet for each on thread gold chains around her neck.