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Today on John's bridge [Kilkenny Ireland] I saw two Romanian acquaintances.

I'd been listening to a Romanian-language podcast.

When one of them asked me "ce faci?"

I told him, in Romanian, that I'd been to the bookstore — I mean the library — and that I was heading toward LIDL to buy something — to go shopping.

They humored me.*

That's the way, with the bilingual.

— 17 October 2008

* To "humor"** somebody does not mean to joke, but to indulge one's effort without appreciation.

    ** Spelled humour, in European English ...


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How do you know what ce faci means?

It is similar to the Spanish que pasa, which means both "how's it going" and "what's happening."

But Ce faci means "how's it going" and "what are you doing" — and it expresses both questions exactly.

Apparently, distinction comes from context.

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