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An office too big

I did some industrial-cleaning work in Enniscorthy, Ireland, at the construction site of a new Dunnes Stores retail center. There was a large room at the top level to which the only entry — at the back end of a smaller room — was a small opening that you had to duck to get through.

Further queer still, the construction work in the small adjacent room looked as if even that small opening was not going to remain.

And it didn't. Later, after we'd emptied the space of detritus, they sealed that.

According to a foreman on site, the large room was planned as an office. But when the administration of Dunne's Stores Ltd. saw the room, they decided that it was too spacious. It might give its occupant big ideas — "notions."

At completion of the project, that space was closed off, sealed — and presumably remains completely unused and inaccessible.