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American lunatics and gun ownership

It's not a rocket; it's only a bomb

November 2010, Portland Oregon

In these stories of people with elaborate plans to kill others en masse and their supposed conversations with undercover agents of the government, there's one big "doesn't-add-up" element.

The atrocities which these presumed criminals are accused of planning are technically simple.

There could hardly be any need for complex interaction between undercover government officials and the supposed perpetrator, from the perspective of the supposed perpetrator.

Conventional explosives are simple: Fuel, oxygenation, containment, fire — bang.

Most likely, if the story is even real, we're probably looking here at the case of one imbalanced, mentally unstable individual.

But Americans are probably going to lose more civil liberties, because the real criminals — those with great power and the desire to control people — use these kinds of supposed near-events to suppress freedom.