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Solicitatibrief - application letter for a job

(A mockup, for the bureaucrats)

Bakker Arend
Lange Hezelstraat 31
6511 CB Nijmegen

Dear proprietor,

This is the text of a fake inquiry I wrote to the owner of a bakery where I was already working.

The purpose of this letter was to allow Arend to show government officials that I was one of several applicants for the morning-bake position, which he was already showing me how to do.

I am interested in the baking position that you are offering.

I have worked in several bakeries, in my native U.S. and in Ireland. I have always prefered the experience of a small bakery, and have done my best work in these places.

I am strongly interested in staying in Nijmegen, and I feel it could benefit us both if I were to work in your bakery.

Thank you for your patience, reading this in English. I am currently learning the Dutch language. I can read enough Dutch to follow a recipe, and I am learning to speak it.

Thanks for your consideration, and I hope that we can meet and talk.


Steven Edwards
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 2
6512 AW Nijmegen

— A fake application for employment, 14 July 2004.

(Intended to satisfy CWI that I was an applicant for work — when in fact I was an employee already.)