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CWI, the Dutch national employment agency

Nijmegen, 2004 —

CWI is the Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen — the Center for Work and Income. (The concurrence of the initials in Dutch and English is coincidental.)

My employer was trying to "hire" me legally, and CWI needed to approve before I could file papers at the immigration service.

• On Monday, 9 August, Arend received a letter from CWI. It was not completely okay....

A letter to CWI, 11 August 2004 — "...On a few points you are incorrect." ...

Letter from CWI, 17 August 2004. "...According to article 10, a work permit may be given provisionally." ...

To CWI, 22 August 2004 "Thank you for your speedy reaction ... I understand that this (work-permit) is only valid for a half-year; still, I am 'helped out of the fire.' ... I will continue trying to find a(n EEU) job-seeker."

• On Tuesday, 2 September 2004, A packet arrived at the bakery containing a work permit.

• However, the permit was too restrictive, with too many conditions attached. We never used it.