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Space, the final frontier

I've lived with about 70 people in 4 countries — not including that long stay in a Dublin hostel
  nor that month in a men's shelter in Berkeley, California.

I wish I could give some good advice.

Once, I lived in a place where my housemates had to keep coming to my door,
  asking me to reboot a crappy wireless router that was in my bedroom.

After talking with some friends, I decided what to do.
I bought some lengths of network cable and I drilled the necessary holes in wall and floor.
  I hard-wired everybody's room and I asked them not to come knocking on my door. At the time, it was a little bit hurtful for the woman housemate, I think; but she got over it quickly enough.

... and that's been my preference to this day.
  Right now, at this moment, that's what I want — for nobody to come knocking on my bedroom door.

I've been working for years to develop a universal protocol that would balance find-my-own-space with don't-be-a-prick.

I wish I had some good advice.