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•   Living is messy. It's not enough to clean up your own spillage — but that's a good start.

•   You think you don't use the kitchen much — but you do. You just don't remember because you didn't bother to clean up.

•   Clean up the jacks* occasionally. Wipe off the sink, er somethin. Brush the toilet bowl when you make a mess of it.

•   Also: men, don't piss on the floor.*

•   Not everybody needs gratuitous conversation at every encounter, and some want a sanctum sanctorum.

•   When a person is just finishing the preparation of a meal, it's not time for conversation.

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* Men: If you want to know how much your piss diverges from the toilet below, take a look the next time you're in a place where the floor is wet and you get a view of reflected light. You'll see the spatter-points of minuscule droplets that are dispersing, at the same time, even, that you are directing an even flow of urine into the bowl.

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