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I got my money today from Paul, a former employer. I apologized for embarrassing him, after I'd gotten my money....
  — October 2009, Cork

I can't count the number of times an employer has tried to steal a little bit of pay at the end of employment.

I reminisce about the industrial "gourmet" bakery in Dublin - that last pay packet, light by a thin few quid until I said something. It happened at Breathnach's in Kilkenny, too, and at Cafe Helder in Nijmegen the Netherlands. At Breathnach's, they came up short by 2 ½ hours' wage. At Helder, it was 12. Twelve euro. The proprietor slapped the tenner and a coin on the counter, too. She wasn't happy I'd said anything about it.

It seems like it's just part of the business model — and maybe most people won't say anything. They'll chance it for the possible benefit of a loose bit of change. Tough industry.

Naturally, it would be decent to admit that sometimes the error may be a mistake. But I've never been given too much in that final pay-packet.