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Syd Harkinsí Pub, Kilkenny Ireland

Kilkenny, Ireland, Spring 2002

Syd Harkinsí Pub is across the street from my flat on Rose Inn Street in Kilkenny. Thatís not why I go there; that's just a convenient fact.

One's "local" is not the pub nearest to one's home, but the pub that one visits most frequently.

Nor is one's local a permanent institution; I've recently visited Syd's for the first time in a couple of years.

— Summer 2006

Syd's is what the Irish call my "local." It just happens to be more local than most.

I went to Sydís my third night in town, with J_ and M_. That was my first night at Lautrecís Brasserie, a restaurant on Kieran Street. The three of us worked together for a while there.

Theyíre both a couple of my best friends* in town. Most of my other friends here, too, tend to go to Sydís — for lack of a better way of putting it. Itís a common point of reconnoitering, which may include a game of pool and for most of us includes at least a couple of pints of beer.

— Spring 2002


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J_ and M_ have, since the above writing, proven to be less than good friends.

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