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Teaching English in Seville — ostensibly

I tought some English-language classes in Seville, during the time that I lived there for six months in 2001.

I use the verb "tought" liberally. A couple of people paid me to speak the language in conversation.

It felt like prostitution. I never could shake that feeling. I only had a couple of students, really.

Another two, a professional couple refered to me by somebody I'd met, didn't stick with me. I didn't wonder why. I'm no kind of an English-language teacher. On our initial meeting, I mis-spoke about the distinction between "adverb" and "adjective." I was nervous. I'm no teacher. And I never talk about that.

I'm not qualified in the teaching of language. I am a student. My learning is non-methodical. A teacher? I felt like a charlatan.

And there I was. One of my asuntos was a young professional, working as a salesman at a networking company. Naturally, he wanted to improve his English. We met once a week for an hour. He paid me 1500 pesetas (€9,) and we talked. I'd correct him when he misspoke, and explain the odd bit about some usage.

The other student, preparing to leave public school, wanted to work in a watch factory in Hong Kong. Same thing; we met once a week, and talked.

About a hundred people removed a tab from one of the flyers but I never met any of them.