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Textual religion, and those who use it dismissively

Religions based upon a text are nonsensical.

So are those who profess atheism and assail the concept of god based upon reference to the supposed holy texts.

I was reading a review of the book by the noted anti-religionist Richard Dawkins. I read, a while ago, his book "A Devil's Chaplain" — the possesion of a then-housemate Christian woman who'd purchased the work "to understand the opposition."

A phrase that I read once about Dawkins in criticism of his work is that he sets up "straw men," or targets of rhetoric that are easy to smack down. And I think it's true that he does that.

And I find his tendency über-normal in people's discussion of the value of religion.

The idea of a god cannot be dismissed by reference to the religions of textual basis. The "people of the book" do not represent religious hunger of the human spirit — and anybody trying to understand that impulse is batting at shadows trying to answer the ultimate questions by dismissing their assumptions.

The fact that the Bible is not true, for example, does nothing to assail the possible existence of a universal intelligence or spiritual power.


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