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Institutionalized celibacy as a source of evil

2010 —

"Het celibaat is de bron van alle misstanden in de katholieke kerk, klinkt het de laatste tijd steeds luider." — geschiedenis24.nl

"Celibacy is the source of all abuses in the catholic church, recent times show ever more clearly." — a popular Dutch history site

There might be something wrong with somebody who agrees to never have sex.

Maybe a code of abstinence makes people deviant, or maybe deviant people agree to not have sex; but there is a high corellation.

There is relatively new evidence that Catholic priests rape children endemically. Of course the real scandal is the failure and refusal of church authorities to stop known offenders from having power over children.

Certainly there are people who join celibate religious orders for pure, spiritual reasons. But obviously there are others who have joined because their sexual orientation is not acceptable in a theocratic society.

  • Edited January 2016