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Poison pen

Where do these people come from?

I worked in a restaurant owned by a couple of women, one supportive and inspiring; the other a bit petty. The latter had an eerie ability to appear when I was taking some short-cut. She was concerned not with leadership but with catching disobedience — and had a spooky ability to show up when there was something happening that she wanted to see...

"Where do these people come from" is when you're walking alone in the middle of nowhere and a solitary figure appears on a convergent path with a trajectory that will put him right in your space.

It's when two lovers walking far ahead of you stop for a long kiss.

It's when some schmuck is lost in his telephone screen until your footfall snaps him back into the real world and he starts walking — within your space.

"Where do these people come from" is an exasperated pique, an irritated befuddlement at these random human beings who sometimes seem to appear by the use of some dark magic.

You're following somebody and they take the route that you'd planned. You could swear that they're just trying to anger you, even if they couldn't possibly have anticipated doing so — at least not by any conventional method of knowledge.

Sometimes it seems like there are people who have the paranormal ability and a subconscious desire to appear where they can be a problem, just for a brief aggitating moment.

And I ask myself: "Where do these people come from?"