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Notes from October 2017

floor plan - And then when springtime comes around,, I'll tell them I'm summerizin.

- I cried when I saw the first snow thiss year, today.
  - 11 Oct

- I knew that Deanna was going to find aa problem with something, soon after I saw the look on Jeff's face when I showed him the drywell, unfinished at that moment. I have to dig in for the winter, and the feeling that nobody wants me is unproductive. I have to proceed apace, and have time to think also, here as I try to get all my stuff out of storage, too.

- I grew up in a tiny church with turn-of-the-19th/20th-century origins that is not dissimilar from the Jehovah's Witnesses. That wasn't true while I was growing up, but it's true in reality.

- My kitty once brought a bluejay in to play. She could only have brought it indoors through a window five feet above ground and across the kitchen to release the bird into the front room on the other side of a burlap curtain.

- I believe that the way we are forced iinto dialogue with Trump supporters is going to affect the way we treat delusion.
How does one confront erroneous credulity, complex belief unsupported by evidence?

- I bet Shakespeare thought "contumely" was gonna take off.