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Chapter 2

habeas corpus

Indicted? Was he held? Indicted in absentia? Is that possible?

Latin indicere — to proclaim. Latin dicere — to say, to tell. Indict: To make a formal accusation. He was accused.

Ghailani was indicted December 16, 1998 by a grand jury in Manhattan. Was his corpus habeas? Or, more properly, did they habeas his corpus? Was he there, when they accused him?

And if so — let's get to the point — what the fuck was he doing anywhere else now?

"In some countries, habeas corpus has been suspended or delayed for suspected terrorists." — Wikipedia

I still don't know whether habeas corpus is required for an indictment, nor what the difference is between "being indicted" and "being charged."

This is where it starts to get interesting; because what happens when other countries actually start to fight terrorism? And I mean, catch, hold, and interrogate suspected terrorists.

That's chapter 2.

Chapter 3