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Contemporaneous notes, 2004

It was not a mistake — it was intentional....

  — 20 July 2004



In Zwolle, sitting by the canal — Monday, 9 August


I need to be able to bank. I need this most pointedly in order to remove K_'s responsibility from the contract for this room.

She moved out about a month ago....

In order to get a tax number, a sofinummer, I will need a tewerkstellingsvergunning, or work permit. A_ and I are now in the process of applying for a work permit. The Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen (CWI) has said it is prepared to offer a work permit for the period of 6 months.

24 August 2004, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Two airliners crash almost simultaneously in different parts of Russia....

Trail of failures [Abu Ghraib] leads to Defense Secretary. No recommendations against Rumsfeld....

And I argued with K_. Naturally after her first refusal to get my point, the argument became instantly pointless. That didn't stop it from happening....

25 August 2004, Nijmegen


Hypothesis calculating exploitation

October 2004, Nijmegen The Netherlands


Cheney has the sniffles — November 14, 2004