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Irish English

Corkonian terms and phrases

This is an addendum to the page "Irish-English terms."

Gatch [n.]

Gait, swagger; manner of walking.

"I'll buy the gatch off ya" implies that you're affecting an attitude by the way you're walking.

Lamp [v.]

Look at [in the imperative grammatical voice.]

"Lamp the getaway sticks on your one (that woman.)"

Langer [n.]

Mildly derogatory, refers to a fellow.

The term has gone national in recent years, purportedly spread by the national-media interviews with the famous/infamous soccer player Roy Keane.

Out the gap

Out of here

(Going home from work, for example.)


The shit, the real thing

"A sham" is somebody who thinks they're really something. "The sham" is somebody who really is.


• Coal Quay, which is no longer a quay but an important market street, is pronounced "kay," whereas every other quay in the city and country is pronounced "key."