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Dutch bureaucracy,
A.D. 2000

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Letter to CWI, the official Dutch employment agency

The following is my translation of the document that my employer sent to CWI, the Dutch employment agency, in response to their expressed intention to decline my application for a work permit.

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Bureau Juridische Zaken
Kenmerk: AVR/315089

T.a.v. Mw. de Jong
11 Augustus 2004

Dear C.W.I.,

From CWI, 17 August

"According to article 10, a work permit may be provided 'with conditions.'"...

In response to your letter of 4 August 2004 here follows my reaction: on a few points you are incorrect.

What shines through your whole answer is the fact that the complexity of the position is severely underestimated. Naturally, the [necessary] experience could be attained within the function itself, but that is a process that takes years. Even for a diploma'd baker [it is a process] that would take months. You have suggested that I make contact with student bakers in order to find personnel from amongst them, but youngsters from 16-17 years old are without the slightest experience.

You said further that it is not demonstrated that before 17 June 2004 recruitment efforts were cared for. As you can read in adendum 1, an advertisement was already on 5 May placed on the CWI website. I would call this a recruitment effort.

At the same time, you said that it is not demonstrated that a search was done at Eures [European job agency:] In 2 telephone conversations with CWI-Nijmegen I was informed that only the reporting of the number was fulfilled. [I don't know what that sentence means.] To wit: BEC Number 4769212

Further you said that we didn't send along copies of the advertisements. You have here also not asked. See addendum 3, wherein you asked about the invoices for the placement of advertisements. Addendum 4 shows the advertisements placed.

To return to the introduction of this letter, sourdough baking is not something that you learn from one day to the next. Factors such as weather conditions, water temperature, [and] acidity play an important role. Mr. Edwards is proficient in all of these skills. From the beginning of May until the present I have been in search of someone with these skills, and have been unable, and while I have met with different applicants there has not been a qualified canditate among them. To take an unschooled worker into service is for me not an option. I shall continue in the search, in hope that you can come to see Mr. Edwards as a favorable choice.

Bakker Arend