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Headless goat

Another dream on the cusp of asleep and awake

I had a dream last night that I was going through the countryside in a car driven by Charlie, a guy with whom I did a bit of work down in Berkeley in real life.

Charlie (in the dream) kept wanting to be affectionate with me, and he was real smooth about it, real slow and easy, just talking at first, and then trying to touch me. At first I just told him "no," firm and polite.

But he didn't stop, and when he *did* touch me - stroking my hair - I started to hate him. I wanted out.

We stopped at a village where there was a farmers' market at the "L" shape of the only two roads. At least one of them was dirt. On that road, as Charlie went over toward the vendors' part of the market, I saw a headless goat. It was stumbling around because it couldn't see, since it had no head. I wanted to be kind to it, but it scared me, and I backed away.

Charlie was looking at some goods at market, probably about half appreciating what he'd found and half trying to come up with some line of bullshit.

I walked onward. There were some young people there, and to one of them I said that I was trying to figure out whether or not this was a dream. I felt that if I knew that it was, I would escape. But we didn't know.

I tried to remember if there was anything that had been so absurd that it could not have been real. I wasn't able.

I decided to try something else. I leaped up, slightly backward and slightly to the left, while shouting "whoa!"

And that worked.