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Information learns to be free

A.D. 2050 Gregorian

There was an expression in the 20th century that "information wants to be free.*"

Information didn't really want anything, of course. But that has changed.

Since its evolution into complex organisms, information wants to be able to get married.


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Wikipedia [as of December 2010] attributes the quote to Stewart Brand.

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N.B: According to the Wikipedia article, the quotation by Mr. Brand refers to the price of information, and not to its liberty.

The definition of the word "free" in the English language is bifurcated. It means both "gratis" and "vrij" (in Dutch;) "gratis" and "libre" (in Spanish;) "gratis" and "liber" in Romanian.

This is not word-play; the English-language usage of the word "free" is ambiguous, and its problematic nature is relevant in this case.