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My coffeeshop in Nijmegen

November 2004, The Netherlands —

The cheapest weed at Jet Set is the "Bio-Skunk," at €3.75 per gram. The "Super Skunk Mix," a crumble of otherwise-unsellable remnants, goes for €3.

I can't afford any of it right now.

  — autumn 2004

My favorite coffeeshop in Nijmegen is "Jet Set."

Jet Set does not even resemble a coffee shop, in the English-language sense that most Dutch "coffeeshops" do. Jet set is a shop, with a counter, where I go to buy weed.

You can sit; there are two high tables with two stools each, on either side of the small room. There are papers and "tips" at the counter, for you to roll a joint, and a waterpipe behind the counter, if you want one. (These are always really dirty at a coffeeshop, though. Yech. Vies.)

There are cannabis-related apparati for sale, too. But those are off to the sides, behind glass. The main setup at Jet Set is that you just walk in, and up to the counter, and wait your turn. It might take you five minutes. You wait your turn, and when it's your turn you get polite service.

Or, if not polite, then at least courteous. It depends on who's working.

— November 2004