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I grew up believing that truth is its own principle. I still believe that.

Less than a statement of honor, but more than an excuse, this is an explanation for a desire to write honestly about religion.

Truth is a big word. A description of reality, though, has a natural appeal. Truthfulness.

Objectivity is a principle. It's not ultimately practicable. But ideals are important. Apart from morality, beyond a universal principle of what is right, ideals are a human trait, and important to the mind and spirit — the health — of a person.

I grew up within a religion that calls itself "The Truth;" and within a wider Christian ideology that considers its creed to be ultimately true — and uniquely so.

In adulthood, long after I'd left the church in practice, I learned of its origin — learned that it had had an origin; and have come to be progressively liberated from the matrix that underpins a system of guidance that had been oppressive.

I want to tell the truth about relevant and knowable entities. What we know, we know. Life is mysterious. Nothing that we have in our vocabulary explains the beautiful power of consciousness, the magic of intersubjective reality, the strangeness of existence and awareness.

But I want to be able to say what's real.