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The one true

Cult, sect, religion — taxonomy. What about the bible?

I grew up in a small church that we believed was the only true religion, and in fact we called it "The Truth." That is still the name of the organization, although presumably members retain the practice of telling non-members that this way doesn't have a name.

This endonym arose at least partly from the fact that its founder William Irvine lost favor amongst the congregation, and had to leave. Without him in the oral history, the real origin-story, became unutterable — and then forgotten. The skeptical will naturally wonder how much their ancestors knew of Mr. Irvine. They weren't speaking of him two generations later.

Funny enough, Irvine's excommunication was apparently not related to his trip to Jerusalem in 1914 to meet "the Lord" — but instead was due to the fact that he'd had a love affair with a woman.

Ejected not for a complex delusion but for a simple, human act in the search for comfort.

Does that sound Christian? I think so too.