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People I know don't get it

When I point somebody to a part of my work, they don't get it, or don't want to know.

I've tried this, with Facebook — placing a link toward a particular page. Of those few who even bother to look, none of them seem to ever go any further. The exception is indeed exceptional, and the effort is not worth the bother.

This is probably mostly related to the same pattern I see amongst the average normal accidental viewership; the fact that most visitors look at one page and go away. A few look at a few pages, and a small percentage get somehow "drawn in," spending long periods of time exploring.

The hesitance of those who know me to read my work further may also have to do with the mere fact that they know me. Just as I am normally shy about trying to share my work with acquaintances, my acquaintances may be shy about actually knowing what I've written.

It's probably difficult for anybody to read the creativity of any writer without at least subconsciously thinking "what does this say about me" or "what does it say about the person I know" — so it's not fun.