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Stupid sometimes

She called the cops the next day and then stayed until the end of the month.

Kilkenny, Ireland, 2003 —

She called the cops, the next day. But then, she stayed in the apartment until the end of the month. She didn't speak to me. She did answer yes or no to a couple of household questions.

But nothing else. On the 29th, she asked me at 11:00 in the morning not to wear my boots upstairs. I said "You've got to be kidding," and went to work.

On the 31st (of March, 2003,) I said to her "This is it, isn't it? It's finally over." She told me to f**k off.

__ ___ __

March 1st, 2003 was my 39th birthday, and I'd invited my housemate K_ to my favorite pub, Brennan's. Favorite because that's where my friends went. They were there that night.

I didn't think K_ would show up. I was starting to realize that K_ was getting together with D_, and a low dark feeling had begun to come over me. I figured she wouldn't show up, and that'd be it. I didn't plan ahead—I didn't try to think how I'd play this one, having tried (too late) to express attraction.

Well, I guess I wasn't that attracted. She did have that big-eyed look, and the feeling of her hand on my shoulder was nice. She was bigger than normal, but appealing in her own way, freaky and vulnerable, I guess. I don't know. I don't really want to think about that.

Well, she showed up, with D_, and with her friend E__ in tow. E__ was another North American, mid-20's woman. D_ was mid-20's and looked a little dim. He didn't arouse my curiosity, as a person—only in the fact that he was there with K_. And, that I'd seen him in her room when she wasn't there, just earlier that night. Uh....

I started to realize, you know. But, that was the ass-kick part of it, is that D_ and K_ began touching each other sweetly, right there at Brennan's. In front of my friends, some of whom she'd never met, all of whom knew I'd kind of liked her for while. On my birthday, in my local, when I'd invited her.

And she denied she was trying to make me jealous. She also denied that he was her boyfriend. But she kept doing it—they both did. Touching and holding each other, at the jukebox, at darts....

I was drinking. I was getting drunker, and they were getting more and more affectionate.

Well, yeah, I got upset with her. I didn't accept her behavior. I'm glad my friends were there to see it, because they would not have believed me. All I did was get angry and argue my point. And, I stuck to the point. (The point being, not that I wanted her, but that she was so obvously trying to get at me—to "wind me up". Either that, or she was just plain stupid — but I didn't really have time for that friendlier interpretation.)

E__ got involved, and started that self-righteous, North-American-woman-hardpan. So I went ahead and pissed her off too. "Who the f**k are you?" ["F**k is a common word in Ireland, and sounds worse elsewhere.]

David, an aquaintance who was there that evening, thought it was funny. I think he likes that kind of stuff.

But K_ — when I didn't let her off — she freaked out. She told me, that night, as she left (her entourage in tow,) that she wanted me to leave the apartment.

I figured it would be alright, that she'd relax by tomorrow.

But no.