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There isn't a word for it.

This page is kind of chatty. It's a messy document, but it does document a period.

August 2003. I'd just moved to Nijmegen The Netherlands —

Funny, I had internet at home for about a half-year in Kilkenny, and I found that my productivity was far lesser than at times when my work-process was more compromised. I can't explain that.

Ah, but I speak in the past tense. I moved out of that flat on the 15th of August. I moved out of Kilkenny, out of Ireland, and I'm now sitting in my new home, the flat of my new girlfriend, in my new town of Nijmegen, Holland.

I met Kim in the west of Ireland in late June. We met at a hostel in Dingle, on the Dingle peninsula, County Kerry. Nice place, if you ever get the chance. We went out to Great Blasket Island, as a "first date." Pure kismet. Such a mild day, too, on Great Blasket.

Things went from there, along my trail of return tickets, via Killarney town to Kilkenny, where she stayed with me for ten days or so. We decided to be together, and we found out that that meant I would move to Holland.

So, here I am. Ah, it's a strange place.

It's good. It's beautiful, in its own ways. But it's strange. My seven months in Amsterdam, sure, that taught me something. But that's not long. They really do things differently in Holland. And, of course, Amsterdam is not typical of Holland.

Of course, I'm trying to learn Dutch; and I don't feel too stupid about having tried to learn some Dutch words last time I was in the country, either. It's very important that I learn Dutch.

Kim and I are going to try to get me legal. For now, I need to find a job. That's difficult. But I will. I'll get something zwart (black market.) I pulled together a few euros before I left Ireland, so I have time to look, and wait. The Dutch don't like the black labor market, I think.

You could go crazy waiting for service in Holland.

The beer is in tiny glasses. It's expensive. Nobody assumes you might want another one, this one being empty. That's good and bad. At least they leave you alone. But where are they? And the beers can be so tiny.... This place ain't Ireland.

The economy of Holland right now is kapot.

I have to learn all-new key combinations in order to use keyboard shortcuts in the Dutch version of Notebook, Kladbok.

That's what I use to write pages. I copy and paste from my page template, and fit the new text into it.

I can't find my backup CD from Kilkenny. I do have a version of the two page templates that have survived and are useful. Anyhow, I backed them up on the internet. I'm beginning to think of the internet as the most reliable backup.