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Notes from the day in Spain, The Netherlands, Ireland and the U.S.

Art. Write something. Deanna and Chris are persistently right here in my view, over there at the garage doing I-don't-want-to-know-what. I don't know what to do. I need a place to live. This keyboard is sucking more dick since I spilled beer on it. I think it's just still difficult to believe that Jodie quit speaking to me.
— 30 May 2017

Barred from Brother Jon's Public House — 1 June 2013, Bend Oregon

Shit, piss, and vinegar — February 2008, Kilkenny Ireland

• I've reached a threshold, a point of saturation, a critical mass of soccer in my head.... — 18 August, 2007, Kilkenny Ireland

Sanctum sanctorum — late September 2006, Kilkenny Ireland

Ash Friday — 23 December, 2005 Kilkenny, Ireland

25 August 2004 — We argued on Friday at the park....

I just decided not to go to work.... — September 2003, Nijmegen The Netherlands

• An evening with Dutch telephones — August 2003, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

People are entering St. Mary's Cathedral for mass — 23 February 2003, Kilkenny Ireland

Running out of supplies — November 2002, Kilkenny, Ireland

Chatter — October 2002, Kilkenny, Ireland

Holy Thursday — March 2002, Kilkenny, Ireland

Missed my birthday celebration — March 2002, Kilkenny, Ireland

Brr... — 28 December 2000, Seville, Spain

Steve Edwards