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Dole timeline

I've written several pages about my six years as an American on the dole in Ireland, unemployed or underemployed. Here I try to put these pages timewise.

"dole-pages" and [dole-files -- done] I'd like to integrate these here.

• In autumn 2001, I received a tax number....

• July 2002 — working legally, but not quite sure how....

• The quasi-legality of my status in Ireland is peculiar.... — October 2002

Pay people to not work: a modest proposal for ending forced labor in the developed world — 2004, Nijmegen The Netherlands.

• The woman who interviewed me at FÁS, the national employment agency, told me to go to the Social Welfare office and inquire about unemployment benefits. — January 2005

• On Ash Wednesday, 9 February 2005, I got my first dole payment, 124 euro for the week.

• Soon after I returned from The Netherlands to Ireland in January of 2005, I began receiving social-welfare payments, and I was on and off the dole until April of 2011.

• The day after Saint Patrick's Day of 2005, I made a decision. I'd stay on the dole for as long as I could....

• I want to write about being on the dole in Ireland — but there is a risk.... — August 2005

• I had to apply for rent allowance, knowing that it could bring the end of my time on the dole, and my time in Ireland....

Health Service Executive informing me that they'd declined an appeal — 6 May 2011

It's a long story — an email to friends and family near the end of my stay in Ireland