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Irish cinema

In European English, and therefore Irish-English, you go to the "cinema" to see a "film," instead of to a "theater" ("theatre") to see a "movie."
When you go to see a film in Ireland, you
don't really go to see it.*

First off, you're going to meet up in the pub. You'll have a beer. Somebody you know will come in. Or, if there are two of you to begin with, that's cause for a second round in any case. You start talking, and by the time the film starts....

And it's more fun you're having, too, than sitting and watching something.

I went to the movies, Irish style, with my Dutch friend K_ when I'd just met her. We'd come from Kerry, where we had both been vacationing, back to Kilkenny where I was living.

One evening we were leaving the house to go see a movie, when I got a text message from a friend about going to Brennan's pub. Brennan's is across the street from the cinema....

Other friends came by. I don't even remember what movie K_ and I were going to go see.


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*In reality Ireland has one of the highest European rates of attendance at the cinema.
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