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Irish-English terms

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Irish rhyming slang

Barry White Shite (Scatalogical) — and probably racist.
Boat-race Face "Lovely body. Pity about the boat-race."
Brenda Fricker Anus (Rhymes with Gicker.) Brenda Fricker is a Dubliner and a movie actor.
Cobbler's Balls (rubbish, nonsense) From "cobbler's awls." Origin obscure. From Cockney. Normally used in the phrase "a load of cobblers."
Cream-cracker Knacker "Knacker" is a racist term referring to an "Irish Traveller," although the use of the term "race" is controversial.
Cream-crackered Knackered (Exhausted)
Mae West Best Used in the negative: "It's not the Mae West."
Nat King Cole Hole (vagina) "Getting one's hole" (for a man) means "getting laid."
Rock and roll Dole
Sallynoggin Head "Sallynoggin" is an area of Dublin, and so the word is not rhyming slang, but instead a co-opting of the name.
Septic tank Yank (n.) (American)
Swiss Anus A shortening of "swiss roll," a common snack food. Term used in anglicization of "Pog mo thoin"
Tea-leaf Thief