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Stupid sometimes

Stress crept up

March 2003, Kilkenny Ireland—

Well, that's it. My stress level crept up on me, and whether I'm proud of myself or not, this has been the effect. I left my job at Zuni.

War in Iraq. Housemate not speaking to me, playing the victim, skulking about with her dour persistent silence. M_ playing on my mind again. And, the incipient stressfullness of the kitchen. A_ being a prick. Standing over, not letting me do my job. And the workload has been increasing lately. In the back of my mind, always, that nasty business with money. Promised €8, showed up €7 on the first check, modified to €7.10 after argument. Ugh. Feh.

G_ says M_ is not interested. She's not interested in anybody.

And this fucking computer cannot even play a song and keep the word processor open at the same time without skipping and gapping.

I want a cigarette.