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• Hai sa bim puţin inainte să morim — "Let's drink a bit before we die." (Romanian.)

• "It could be worse; you could drop dead and not know it" — a Hungarian-born Australian on a Romanian train, Summer 2009.

• "Even the grass doesn't grow on Monday" — Romanian

• "[If] you fly, I'll buy." — American

Spanish aphorisms

• Si bebes para olvidar, paga antes de empezar. — If you drink to forget, pay
before you begin.*

• "Dime de que presumes, y dire de que careces." — Tell me what you presume, and I'll tell you what you're missing.

• El hombre, como el oso, cuanto feo mas hermoso. — The uglier a man, just like a bear, the more handsome.

Dutch aphorisms

• "De een zijn dood is de andere zijn brood." — One man's death is another man's bread.

• "Hoe harder het stinkt, hoe beter het blinkt." — The more it stinks, the more it shines (refering, in a bakery, to the eggwash that puts a sheen upon pastries.)

• "Hoe harder je malt, hoe verder het dalt." — The harder you pump, the further it sinks (referring to the lowering of ground-level in some cases of the evacuation of water from a polder.)

• "Ik sliep als 'n roos." — I slept like a rose.

• Don't drag dead cows from the lake. (Heard in English.)

• Ik zal je missen, als ik ga pissen — I'll miss you as I go piss.

Irish aphorisms

"Don't work too hard"

And other Irish expressions on the subject...

• "They're not too bright but they can lift heavy things." — a comment about the average intellect.

• "Hunger is a good sauce."

• "May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb."

• "He'd talk the hind legs off a donkey."

• "Yeah but sure... (what do you do?)" — an Irish way of genial resignation...

• "We're here for a good time, not a long time."

• "Up here for thinkin', down there for dancin'."
— Used in self-congratulation for a good "cop-on."

• "The best pint is the one you didn't plan."

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* "Before you begin":
In my experience of
drinking in Spain, it was common that the barman would keep a tab either in his head, in chalk on countertop, or by some other method — and you'd pay as you're leaving.

Once, a barman asked me how many beers I had had; and I didn't get a feeling that this was an unusual question.

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