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I lived in Amsterdam from May to December of 2000. I've visited a few times since.

A German housemate obsessed with my tea — Amsterdam, autumn 2000

Watching a few planes from an apartment in Osdorp — December 2000

An afternoon at "Coffeeshop" de Kroon — Autumn 2000

Don't try this at home — 31 October, 2000

A dream experiment — 12 December 2000

I tried to hide weed (ritualistically,) and could not find anyplace — Amsterdam 2000

Akerpolder walk — 11 December 2000

Tech stock bubble and bust — [Written a bit @!#&!ng later.]

EasyEverything, a massive cybercafe in downtown Amsterdam.

Amsterdam sand...

A couple of old windmills in my neighborhood...

Squatting is legal (tolerated.)...

America hanging in transition over election — November 2000

Website hosting services

Meerkoutjescrazed little moorhens on Amsterdam canals...

I lived in a flat in Osdorp, last half of 2000....

I noticed a few tourists who had smoked too much....

I had only a few long stays in coffeeshops....

"Sea legs" from staying on a houseboat — Summer 2000

Fly soon — December 2000

Goodbye Amsterdam — December 2000

Theemsweg tippelzone closed — December 2003

Kim and I went to Amsterdam (from Nijmegen) — September 2003